Circuit Breaker extended to 1st of Jun 2020!

Yes, we know! We all miss travelling!
Well, we have a suggestion fo you!
“Imagine” you’re enjoying the breeze at Pandawa Beach in Bali,
or sampling ramen at a quirky themed restaurant in Tokyo,
or strutting down an arty street in Melbourne –
when tapauing your food.

We can be stylish in Singapore too! 🧥 👚 👕 👖 👔 👗 👙 👘
Make yourself feel great! 😎

You know what!?
How about bringing your own container along to match your style.
By doing that you are indirectly helping out in 2 ways:


Tons of plastic bags and take away containers are being used daily.
With the current situation, there is already a surge of plastic being disposed.
Singapore throws away 2,640 plastic bags every 3 seconds (CNA) and people take a whopping 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets alone (SEC).
Refer: BYOB

Just imagine how much more plastic we will be using and throwing!


Bring you own containers and help the FNB to reduce cost and waste.
There is huge transport and storage cost from the use of takeaway boxes.
So bring your own containers!

1. Make sure the container is clean.
2. Make sure it is big enough.
3. Make sure it is the correct container too if you going to have soup.

So what you waiting for!
Get Stylish! Take a photo, hashtag
#TapauWithStyle and share with everyone.
Get this movement going!


Posters and stickers available for download Now!

What is Tingkat?

“Tingkat” means mangkuk tingkat (‘leveled bowls’) in Malay, which is also known as tiffin carriers – a lunch box commonly used in Asian societies to pack food. They are usually metallic, with tier compartments to keep the food warm over the course of a day.

In the past before disposable containers, Tingkat was the only way to pick up food other than using large leaves and paper. It was very popular for people to bring a steel tingkat filled with different dishes to have a fresh made lunch at work.

Hence, we want to bring back the culture of Tingkat and this old style takeaway container into the present day.

Time to dress up and bring your own Tingkat!

#Tapauwithstyle #Bungkustingkat #打包我型 #SGUNITED #SGSTRONG #SAVESGFNB

Click here to download the posters and stickers